Learn the Ins and Outs Before You Buy Instagram Followers

To buy Instagram followers is to achieve your expected goal: your previously unnoticed photos suddenly garnering attention. But do you really know the ins and outs behind all this buying business yet? If not, just read on.

Websites that advertise “buy Instagram followers” will always have any or all of these features:

  • the prominent use of the Instagram logo. Logos of social media sites are always free to use by anyone on anything, even in offline advertising, as long as the logos retain their purpose of promoting the sites themselves.
  • an information page that exactly tells what the site is all about despite different wordings. This also includes information on payment processors it accepts such as PayPal.
  • packages containing a set number of followers plus their corresponding prices. For example, one site boasts 300,000 followers for only $300.
  • the estimated delivery times for those packages. Bigger packages normally require longer periods of time.
  • an FAQ page, a reservation form where you can enter particular info. Be careful not to hand over sensitive information to strangers, whether complete strangers or strangers posing as your friends and family
  • a photo gallery, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Of course, there are also sites that promise followers without you paying even a single penny, but they only provide a thousand followers at most. Prices and packages differ from website to website and company to company.Get your math senses working and determine which package offer the best value for your money.

But now, you must heed a word of caution. Never become too obsessed with “buy Instagram followers” sites and their promises. Some of those sites may be scams, and others may not live up to their assurances. Furthermore, you must not use those “buy Instagram followers” sites as a means to an end (instant gratification by hogging too much attention).  Only use those sites when you think you have exhausted other options. Otherwise, you will be perceived negatively and will start receiving negative posts on your Instagram account.  On a worst case, you will have to close down your Instagram to stop the negative posts.  This will destroy your reputation and will make it difficult for you to get back on social media, unless you change your name and product information.

Besides fixation with instant fame and fortune, you should not excessively depend on these seller sites if their actions constitute a violation of Instagram’s terms of service, particularly the abuse of the site’s mechanisms. No website is foolproof, not even the most popular social media sites. Devious people will always take advantage of the sites’ Achilles heels and exploit them to their own ends. Only trust seller sites who have real people working their legitimate magic with judicious manual spreading and marketing.  There should beno bots posing as people who take advantage of the chinks in Instagram’s armor and committing foul violations of the terms of service as a result.

In addition, never trust seller sites that have the .ru domain name (except for really popular ones such as VKontakte, the Russian answer to Facebook). Even though those follower-selling sites are written in English (though they will more than likely be littered with typos and grammatical errors if you look close enough), if they have the .ru domain name and convince you to pay in rubles, scram immediately. Russia has an infamous reputation of playing host to huge cyber-criminal activities such as scamming to botnets to online fraud to hosting and distribution of malware, and its authorities are still trying to quash the cyber-mafia that is still scaring the entire connected world and giving security analysts headaches and sleepless nights.